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Premium and Freebies on GraphicPNG include our commercial License:


A commercial License is valid for one person on unlimited devices. If more than one person in your company or household will be using our products, each person must purchase a separate license.

Personal Use 

is defined as using purchased (or downloaded for free) products for your own personal purposes but not for reselling or distributing items made from files (even for free).

Commercial Use        

is defined as using purchased (or downloaded for free) products for commercial purposes like selling/distributing items made from files.

Unlimited Use           

is defined as any use  that is not limited (within particular Licence).

Commercial license:

Our commercial License allows you to create personal and commercial use products.

Acceptable Use:

Commercial Use: 1 User may create Items from purchased products for selling.

Example of Commercial Use:  1 User have made some t-shirts using purshased svg file for selling.

Non-acceptable Use:
  • purchased (or downloaded for free) original files are not allowed to edit for Reselling or Reselling as digital items in any manner, even for free;
  • files are not allowed for more than 1 user to make items for personal or commercial use;
  • fonts may not be converted into formats containing characters/numbers of this font for selling or distributing;
  • files may not be transferred for your customers for customization and making items on demand.
  • creating or customizing items by company’s end users using purchased (or downloaded for free) products on the company’s own website or software.
  • purchased (or downloaded for free) files may not be used on websites like Zazzle, CafePress, Teespring etc.

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